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Integrity Adjusters, LLC provides property and casualty loss adjustment administration for daily residential and commercial claims.

All of our processes are planned around client-specific guidelines. We adapt to ensure:

  • Field Adjustment – We provide field coverage where you need it. There is nothing “independent” about our approach. Our adjusters write to your specifications and maintain the reporting quality and production standards you require.
  • Field Management – Our team leaders can identify your production and quality goals, and manage to your standard. We utilize a proactive approach based on event benchmarking, to ensure the claim is being handled effectively.
  • Flexible Claims Capacity – We extend your organization's reach by providing the systems, infrastructure, and personnel needed to investigate, report, and settle losses. Whether you require temporary assistance working through a catastrophe or need ongoing support handling daily overflow, Integrity has the technology and depth to respond.
  • Multi-level Quality Control – Working in collaboration with your expert staff, we help build additional layers of quality control to help your inside adjusters/examiners manage a larger workload.
  • Desk Adjustment – We customize a fast-track solution for your organization so that your highly trained field staff can focus on larger, more complex losses.
  • Re-inspection and Cleanup – Our re-inspection team is ready to assist you in building a quality audit program to ensure that all assigned reports and subsequent settlements are built upon an accurate investigation of the loss.
  • Customer Service Capacity - We provide systems and personnel that can assist in loss reporting, data entry, and ongoing customer service.
  • Coverage Area and Assignment Information – Fax claims to 800.681.7509 or call a customer service representative at 866.433.2877 for our claims email address.

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Daily Claims Management

Insurance Adjusters across the Nation

Insurance Adjusters across the Nation

Integrity meets standards for licensing compliance and commercial insurance. We provide property and casualty loss adjustment for daily residential and commercial insurance claims.

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Catastrophe Claims Adjusting

Integrity Catastrophe Claims Management

Do you have a catastrophe game plan?

Our operations are scaled at a client specific level, making sure you get the results you need. Our teams can deploy within 24 hours in response to emergency and disaster situations across the United States.

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Start Your Career Here

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Our adjusters are the core of our business. We seek out the best in the industry and labor for their success every day. If you are interested in becoming an adjuster with us, please register on our national adjuster roster online today.

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